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ANNOUNCEMENT - Enaon EDA Customer Service Offices

ANNOUNCEMENT - Enaon EDA Customer Service Offices

Enaon EDA Consumer Service Offices

Announcement - Enaon EDA Consumer Service Offices

EDA THESS Announcement: Storm “Daniel”

EDA THESS hereby reports that the extreme weather event called Storm "Daniel" that hit the License Area of Thessaly has affected parts of the distribution network mainly in the Prefecture of Magnesia, the area of Volos, the area of Nea Anchialos and some neighboring areas.

EDA Attikis and EDA THESS' Online Workshop with the Supply Companies

In the context of fostering effective cooperation, a constructive working meeting was held between the Distribution Network Operators, EDA ATTIKIS and EDA THESS, and the Supply Companies (Distribution Users) operating on the natural gas networks of Attica, Thessaloniki and Thessaly, with the aim of optimizing the services provided to end consumers and fully complying with the regulatory framework.

EDA THESS: A new era begins with the arrival of Italgas

Article of EDA THESS to special edition for 2023

Supplying Kastraki in the Municipality of Meteora – Region of Thessaly

In full consistency with its Development Program, EDA THESS supplied Kastraki of the Municipality of Meteora, which is located at the foot of the "sacred" rocky complex of Meteora and has been designated, together with the entire area of Meteora, as a Natural and Cultural World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Depa Infrastructure (Italgas Group): completed the acquisition of the remaining 49% of EDA Thess

Athens, 19 December, 2022 - Depa Infrastructure, an Italgas Group company active in natural gas distribution in Greece, today completed the acquisition of the remaining 49% of Thessaloniki - Thessalia Gas Distribution S.A. (EDA Thess) held by Eni Plenitude.

Working meeting of EDA THESS with MEP, M. Spyraki. The Methane Regulation, Renewable Gases, Energy Efficiency of Buildings and Sustainability in the spotlight

Ms. Maria Spyraki, MEP, Rapporteur of numerous legislative interventions on energy and New Democracy candidate for Thessaloniki, visited the headquarters of EDA THESS in the context of the working meeting held with the General Manager, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras and executives of the Company. Issues related to the EU Methane Emissions Regulation, the Energy Efficiency of buildings, renewable gases and the Sustainability of the Company and its Infrastructure were at the top of the agenda.

L. Bakouras: Energy efficiency, digitalization and infrastructure sustainability as an "antidote" to the energy crisis and a driver for the energy transition

The critical importance of developing infrastructure that will produce added value in the present and in the future was the key focus of the General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras, during his speech at the conference of on "Energy crisis & Northern Greece: Challenges, opportunities and prospects".