Domestic Use


Heating, hot water, cooking, lighting, electrical home appliances are must-have amenities of everyday life.

If electricity in households is irreplaceable for lighting and use of electrical appliances, natural gas is the ideal form of energy for all other needs.

The increasing interest of families in natural gas proves that natural gas technicians are not the only ones to be aware of its benefits.

However, the use of natural gas in our homes does not only cover the needs of individual users for comfort and cost savings; in the broader context of society, it helps address issues of environmental pollution.

Natural gas enters our homes very discretely, through a pipe for connection with home appliances.

In Greece, Law provides that all new buildings must be constructed to be supplied with natural gas. For this reason, houses with individual heating have an added value. The wide range of natural gas devices ensures valid solutions to various installation problems.

Among modern devices, "condensing boilers" have a very high performance in terms of cost savings.

Furthermore, boilers, water heaters and "sealed combustion" radiators, with flexible mounting and safe operation, can be installed even in buildings that do not meet the conditions for the connection of traditional devices.

Rational use of natural gas, in accordance with safety rules, enables harnessing all its benefits without any risk for people or property.