The Company launched its operation on 01/01/2017, being in charge of the: a) planning, b) engineering, c) design & d) construction of natural gas networks in the Municipalities and Communities within the geographical areas of the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki & the Region of Thessaly.

The network of the Company  supplies 14 Municipalities in the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki & 18 Municipalities in the Region of Thessaly, that already have an activated natural gas network.

Through a constantly-growing modern network of pipelines, and taking into consideration the citizens' needs and the environment, the Company. carries out its natural gas distribution activities with safety.


On 30/09/2023, the merger of the Distribution Network Operations EDA THESS and EDA ATTICA was completed with their absorption by the Distribution Network Operator DEDA, which becomes the universal successor of all rights, obligations and in general all legal relations of the absorbed Operators.