Emergency Intervention


Pursuant to its Natural Gas Distribution License and the Regulation (OGG 1712/2006), EDA THESSALONIKI - THESSALIA operates a 24-hour Emergency Service, 365 days a year. The Emergency Service aims to ensure and/or immediately restore safety and, if technically feasible, smooth operation of the gas distribution service in case of malfunction (leakage or shortage of gas) of the distribution network, or safety in case of gas leakage after the delivery point, i.e. in the consumer’s internal installation. 

The Company’s Emergency Unit must ensure that there is someone, 24/7, to receive reports of failures or distribution network-related malfunctions from individuals or public authorities and to take action to address them. 

The Company’s Emergency Unit consists of:

1. The Call Center responsible for receiving reports
2. The Company’s technical staff and equipment
3. Contractors.

Please note that the Emergency Call Center also receives alarm signals from the Company’s Medium Pressure network remote control system (SCADA).

During non-working hours and on holidays, there are technicians on standby as well as on shift duty, to handle any incident of leakage in the distribution system and the customers’ internal installations.

To contact the Emergency Call Center, call:



  • 800-11-87878 (free of charge from a landline phone)   

Additional contact numbers: Tel. 2310-520309 & 2310-520642 & Fax 2310-446888.