Whistle blowing Reporting Procedure


We have adopted a Procedure for handing reports, which defines a process of information flows for the receipt, analysis and determination of actions to be taken regarding presumed irregularities, ensuring the anonymity of the whistleblowers.

The Whistleblowing Procedure is in compliance with the provisions of Greek Law 4990/2022, Law 4808/2021 and the Code of Ethics.

The Whistleblowing Procedure applies to Italgas and its subsidiaries, both in Italy and in Greece. In order to make it easier to receive the reports, we have set up a specific and encrypted communication channel indicated in the Procedure, the maintenance of which is ensured by the Internal Audit unit of Italgas.

All Italgas organisational units/positions and the Subsidiaries involved in receiving and dealing with reports, guarantee the complete privacy and anonymity of the reporting persons, using the criteria and communication methods suitable both for protecting the integrity of the persons mentioned in the reports and the anonymity of those doing the reporting, so that they are not subjected to any form of retaliation.

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