The development strategy of the Company is based on a holistic consideration of the principles and commitments of the Company, covering the entire range of our business operation, in the light of sustainable development.

We are developing a modern and sustainable network, with the primary goal of maximizing the penetration of natural gas in the areas of our License. In the long run, we aim to deploy sustainable networks that lead to low regulated distribution charges and, therefore, streamline resource management for all consumers. At the same time, we ensure the balanced development of our economic activity and the creation of measurable value for the national economy based on the environmental and social cohesion, according to the pillars of sustainability (ESG - Environment, Society, Corporate Governance).

The Company sets its strategy and feeds back on its goals by integrating issues related to environmental protection, social welfare and corporate governance. The adoption of the ESG criteria has become imperative and puts into practice the Company's commitment to achieving a sustainable future.

Aiming at the continuous delivery of added value, the Company develops strategic alliances with stakeholders that bring multiple benefits to the society and the environment. In this context, we implement a broad corporate responsibility program, in line with the Global Sustainable Development Goals. We maintain an open dialogue with authorities and institutions and take action to support, in the best possible way, the sectors in which we operate.

The first  Sustainability Report 2020 refers to a milestone period, marked not only by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, but also by extreme weather events as a result of climate change.

The report reflects the Company's approach and quantifies its performance, according to international GRI standards for non-financial figures.