Connection Procedure


5 simple steps to get connected

The procedure for connecting with the natural gas network consists of the following steps:


You may express your interest in connecting with the natural gas network using one of the following ways:

  • You may visit one of the customer service offices of the Company

  • You may contact Customer Service by calling 11150

  • To schedule a site inspection and fill out an application form, a customer must provide the following information:

  • Full name

  • Address (street and number)

  • Telephone number

NB: Click here to see an important notice on personal data.



A company employee will visit the building to be supplied with gas and assess whether and how the connection project can be carried out.

If the connection project is feasible, the employee will inform the customer of the construction details (installation area and volume of the cabinets hosting the pressure reducer - meters, route of gas lines, boiler room requirements, etc.) and will then fill out a site inspection form, entering the customer’s details, preparing a drawing of the location and installations and indicating the amount of the connection quote, provided that the building is within the range of the existing natural gas network. The employee will also take photographs of the agreed cabinet locations and of the area to be crossed by the supply line.

The customer will receive detailed information from the employee concerning the construction  and the customer’s subsequent obligations (necessary supporting documents for the contract, metering method, mode of payment, etc.), as well as answers to any questions the customer might have.

To ensure that the site inspection is carried out properly and the application form is filled out correctly, the customer must provide all the following information: 

  • Full name

  • Address (street, number and postcode)

  • Telephone number

  • Property (owner, tenant, manager, contractor)

  • Tax identification number (TIN) and tax office (DOY)

  • The intended purpose of the gas installation (central heating, individual heating system, hot water, cooking, commercial use, etc.)

  • The required heat capacity (calories of the boiler, devices, etc.)

Also, in the case of new buildings, the customer must have a copy of the approved gas fuel plan or be aware of the locations indicated therein for the gas installations.

The technical visit also includes looking into the specifics of each building (distances between the pipeline and other networks, protection from loads, etc.). This is to make sure that the requirements of the “Technical Regulation for the installation of service lines and gas meters with an operation pressure of up to 4 bar”, Ministerial Decision No Δ3/Α/22925, (OGG No 1810/12.12.06) and the specific requirements of the Company are met, in order to ensure the maximum possible level of safety for the installation.

Performing a technical visit is not a commitment. It is a necessary prerequisite for the customer to enter into a contract for connecting to the natural gas network.



As referred to above, if the building is within the range of the existing natural gas network, the connection cost will be calculated during the site inspection and the customer will be informed immediately. The quote will also be mailed to the customer on the following day and will remain valid for 45 days.

If the building is not covered by an existing natural gas network and the network needs to be expanded, no quote will be issued until a possible expansion is considered. If the expansion is approved, a quote will be issued and mailed to the interested party. If the expansion is not approved, a letter of rejection will be mailed.

The connection fees are approved by the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) and depend on the type of meter, the number of meters at each supply point and the total length of the supply line to be installed.



The interested party may enter into a gas connection contract within 45 days from the date of receipt of the offer. The supporting documents required for entering into the contract vary depending on the use category. Click here to see a list of the supporting documents. The documents drawn up during the site inspection procedure (solemn declarations for the pipes to cross someone else’s property, for the construction and maintenance of permanent ventilation openings, etc.) are also required.

The interested party must visit the customer service office and submit the necessary supporting documents. After the documents are checked by the competent employee, the natural gas connection contract will be signed.

The Company will complete the connection project within 60 days of the date of signing the contract, except from the event of scheduled expansion, for which there is a specific works completion time-frame.

In addition to the contract, the customer will have to sign the following documents:

  • A connection works performance authorization

  • A solemn declaration on the obligation to activate the internal installation within 60 days from the date of construction of the supply point

    Upon entry into force of the natural gas connection contract, the following material will be provided to the customer along with the contractual documents:

  • A services manual, including the customer’s obligations and rights vis-a-vis the Company

    • An information leaflet entitled ‘Natural Gas with Safety’, providing information, clarifications and tips on:

    • the efficient use of natural gas

    • the requirements laid down in the Regulation for proper installation, functioning and maintenance

    • immediate steps to be taken in case of leakage

    • the telephone number of the breakdown call center of the Company, which is open on a 24-hour basis



The Company completes the connection work within 60 days from the date of signing the contract, except from the event of expansion, for which there is a specific works' completion time-frame.

The construction of the gas point (external installation), which is under the responsibility of the Company, includes the entire installation set up between the distribution network and the delivery point of natural gas to the customer. The external installation comprises the following:

  • the tapping saddle that connects the central distribution pipeline with the service line;

  • the PE service line section from the central pipeline to the pressure regulator;

  • the pressure regulating device;

  • the service line section from the regulator to the meter;

  • the metering device.



Upon completion of the gas point construction by the Company, the consumer has to pay the connection fee specified in the quote sent to him upon signing the natural gas connection contract, within 15 days from the day following the date of completion of the delivery point construction by the Company. The consumer must also activate the internal natural gas installation within 60 days from the day following the date of completion of the delivery point construction .

The Customer will have to choose the engineer, supervising engineer (gas supervisor) and installer (plumber) who will prepare the design, supervise and construct the internal installation.

The design, supervision and construction of the internal installation must meet the requirements laid down in the “Technical Regulation for gas installations with an operating pressure of up to 500 mbar”, Ministerial Decision No Δ3/Α/οικ. 6598, Government Gazette, Series II, No 976/28.03.2012.

The file for each internal installation must indicate the personal customer code for each contract (ΠΕ) and must include the following:

An internal gas fuel installation design, signed by an engineer who has the required license based on the capacity of the installation. The design must be submitted to the Company for ratification.

A technical report signed by the gas supervisor and the installer. The technical report includes the following documents:

A description of the installation, calculations and construction drawings.

Certificates of conformity to the requirements of the Regulation regarding the works, the materials and gas devices used, and complete details of the technical staff who carried out the installation work, signed by the installer.

Certificates of the tests and checks carried out, including the results, signed by the gas supervisor and the installer. The testing should also include strength and tightness tests.

An operating and maintenance schedule for the entire gas installation.

Upon submission of the technical report for the internal installation, an inspection by the inspection engineer of the Company will be scheduled in cooperation with the customer service office. The inspection engineer will carry out a site inspection and fill out the internal installation inspection form.

If the inspection engineer of the Company approves the internal installation, the consumer or the supervising engineer may schedule its activation.

If the inspection engineer of the Company does not approve the internal installation, the consumer or the supervising engineer must make the necessary corrections and schedule a re-inspection.

Upon successful completion of the inspection, the consumer or the supervising engineer for the internal installation may schedule its temporary activation for a 30-day period, to carry out operational tests and adjust the gas devices.

To obtain a Permanent Use License, as required by the Regulation, the consumer must submit the following documents within 30 days of the date of temporary activation:

Certificates of adjustment for the different fixtures and devices (pressure regulators, burners, etc.).

Inspection forms for the boilers or other gas devices (temperature and composition of exhaust gas in the flue of the boiler, efficiency, etc.), in accordance with the legislation in force, signed by a boiler technician.

In the event of failure to submit the above documents within 30 days of the date of temporary activation of the installation, the Company reserves the right to deactivate the installation. After all necessary documents are submitted, the reactivation of the interior installation may be scheduled. The reactivation costs will be included in the customer’s first bill.

Connection fees

For further clarification, you may contact the offices of the the Company:


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    Or you may contact Customer Services by calling 11150 (Monday - Friday: 08:00 to 20:00 and Saturday 09:00 - 15:00)

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