Technical Visit Form


Those interested in connecting with the Gas Distribution Network file an application to the Operator, according to the Distribution Network Operation Code.

The Connection Application can be submitted in the following formal ways of communication (click here). 

Within twenty-one (21) days after receiving the application and after the technical inspection has been carried out, the Operator  sends a Connection Quote or informs the interested party about the rejection of the Connection Application.

The rejection of the application will be fully justified based on any of the following grounds:

a) the Connection Application is not complete after the end of the 21-day period.

b) objective technical criteria or capacity management measures are not met.

(c) the Connection Application concerns an installation outside the areas of the Development Program and the future expansions of the Operator's Network.

(d) the existing Network is congested

The reply rejecting the Connection Application is written, fully justified on any of the aforementioned grounds and describes the procedure and the conditions under which the interested party may request the reconsideration of the Connection Application. 

 In any case, the Operator considers the rejected Connection Application in the future development planning of the Distribution Network.