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Supplying Kastraki in the Municipality of Meteora – Region of Thessaly

In full consistency with its Development Program, EDA THESS supplied Kastraki of the Municipality of Meteora, which is located at the foot of the "sacred" rocky complex of Meteora and has been designated, together with the entire area of ​​Meteora, as a Natural and Cultural World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Apart from being a religious landmark, Meteora is an area of unparalleled beauty as well as a global, majestic geological phenomenon with unique specimens of medieval architecture adorning the tops of the rocks.

With the supply of Kastraki in the Municipality of Meteora, EDA THESS continues the implementation of its investment planning, demonstrating full consistency with its commitments. In compliance with the legislative and regulatory framework, the Company completes the supply of new areas in the Region of Thessaly in accordance with the approved Development Program for 2022. In this context, an event was held for the supply of Kastraki, attended by the Mayor of Meteora, Mr. Alekos T., the General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. Bakouras L., representatives of the local authorities, technical bodies, executives of the Company and citizens.

The Mayor of Meteora, Mr. Alekos Th., congratulated the staff of EDA THESS for the excellent collaboration and the immediate response of the Company in providing access to an efficient and environmentally friendly form of energy for the benefit of the citizens, and he expressed his wish for the expansion of the natural gas network in other areas of the Municipality.

The General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. L. Bakouras, stated that in a particularly critical period, EDA THESS continues to invest in the implementation of sustainable networks which in the future will distribute renewable gases such as biomethane and green hydrogen, aiming at the decarbonization of distribution networks and the achievement of national and European goals for Energy and Climate as well as weaning off Russian natural gas.

In addition, he emphasized that he feels particularly proud that the Gas Distribution Company Thessaloniki - Thessalia supplies Kastraki in the area of ​​Meteora, the second largest and most important monastic community in the Greek Orthodox area which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The supply of Kastraki has a symbolic value for the Company's history in the region of Thessaly, as EDA THESS has always been a keen supporter of the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage of our country.

In the context of the event, a cordial meeting was held between the General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. Bakouras L. and company executives, and His Reverence Metropolitan of Stagoi and Meteora, Theocletus.

EDA THESS has completed the implementation of the 2022 Development Program for the Region of Thessaly in alignment with the strict schedule, due to coordinated actions and its high level of knowhow and expertise.

With the inclusion of the Company in the Italgas Group, and despite the pressing challenges in the energy sector, an auspicious future is foreshadowed, with new growth prospects and solid foundations for value delivery at many levels.