BoD & Management


According to the provisions of law 4001/2011, as amended by the provisions of law 4336/2015, the Company is the Operator of the Natural Gas Distribution Network for the Regional Unit of Thessaloniki and the Region of Thessaly, as of 01.01.2017.

By virtue of the minutes of the Company's Board of Directors dated 19.12.2022, the executive duties have been delegated to the General Manager of the Company Mr. Leonidas Bakouras, who legally represents the Company in accordance with the following resolutions of the Company's Board of Directors, as announced in GEMI.

  • GEMI Registration BoD Minutes 30.12.16
  • GEMI Registration BoD Minutes 31.01.19
  • GEMI Registration BoD Minutes 12.12.19
  • GEMI Registration BoD Minutes 07.05.20
  • GEMI Registration BoD Minutes 12.10.22
  • GEMI Registration BoD Minutes 01.11.22
  • GEMI Registration BoD Minutes 11.11.22
  • GEMI Registration BoD Minutes 19.12.22


General Manager - Legal Representative

Leonidas Bakouras

(Curriculum Vitae)


The Board of Directors of the Company consists of 5 members and was set up as a body as follows:

Chairman: Raffaella Marcuccio

Vice-Chairman: Marco Barra Caracciolo di Basciano

Director: Alessandro Menna

Director: Valeria Quaranta

Director: Angelo Facchini



THESSALONIKI: 256 Monastiriou & 7 D. Glinou, Menemeni, 546 28, Tel.: 2310 584000-1-2-3-4, Fax: 2310 546365

THESSALY: 219 Farsalon, Larissa, 413 35, Tel.: 2410 582300, Fax: 2410 582323


On 30/09/2023, the merger of the Distribution Network Operations EDA THESS and EDA ATTICA was completed with their absorption by the Distribution Network Operator DEDA, which becomes the universal successor of all rights, obligations and in general all legal relations of the absorbed Operators.