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Large Investments by EDA THESS for the development of Natural Gas Market - Grant Program of € 6.12 mln.

Meeting was held between the new Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. Konstantinos Skrekas and the General Manager of EDA THESS, Mr. Leonidas Bakouras focusing on the catalytic role of natural gas in shaping the energy landscape.

In this context, the General Manager had the opportunity to present the large investment program of the Company of ~ € 156 mln. for the next 5 years, that will be allocated for the development of the distribution network, the reinforcement of infrastructure and the connection of over 90.000 new consumers. The new Development Program 2021 – 2025 that is already being implemented, will bring significant benefits to both industry and the country’s economy in total. The increasing penetration of natural gas contributes to the reduction of the energy cost, while offering the possibility for rational use of resources, resulting in the creation of competitive advantages.

He added that, operational objectives for 2020 were fully achieved with the completion of the investment program of ~ € 36 mln.  and the penetration rate amounting to a total of 64% of the population in the areas of the License. Distributed volumes are foreseen to reach 441 million Nm3, exceeding the corresponding period of last year by 8% and net profit (EAT) is expected to reach €20.3 mln, 3%, increased in comparison to 2019.

The positive figures that the Company presents over time are a result of the targeted development strategy and the planning for the implementation of investments. The long - term planning based on technical and economic criteria resulted in a further reduction of Distribution Tariffs. As of January 1st, the weighted average distribution tariff of EDA THESS that has been approved by the Authority shows a further decline of 14.8% in Thessaloniki and 21.9% in Thessaly, compared to the previous regulatory period.

Minister Mr. Skrekas commented positively on the implementation of such important investments, despite the unfavorable circumstances that occurred in the global economy. He expressed his satisfaction for the targeting of EDA THESS’ strategy that led to the reduction of Distribution Tariffs to even lower levels, as this development can benefit the entire energy sector and especially industries with high energy consumption. At the same time, he pointed out that incentives are offered, and favorable conditions are created for the implementation of new investments, a fact that contributes to the reconstruction of the Greek economy but also to the achievement of the objectives of the National Plan for Energy and Climate neutrality.

In this context, the announcement of the grant action “Replacement of oil heating systems with natural gas systems in houses at the Region of Thessaly” amounting to € 6.12 mln. was signed by the Minister and after the issuance of the relevant OGG the program will start within the next few days. The financing body of this action is the NSRF 2014-2020 of the Region of Thessaly for which the control body is the staff structure of the NSRF YPEN, while EDA THESS is the reception and application control body for the inclusion of those interested in the program.

The action concerns the grant of the internal installation cost of natural gas in houses, to replace the existing oil heating systems. Applications can be submitted until 31/08/2021 at the local Customer Service Offices of EDA THESS in Thessaly.